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The Perfect Slipper for Your Toddler

The Perfect Slipper for Your Toddler

A child’s first steps towards a bright future may be the most important steps they will ever take. A good education is priceless and will ensure a child’s future. Ensure your child takes this step with comfortable Indoor slippers – Foamtreads!

If you haven’t checked out what the hype around FoamTreads is, then now is the time. FoamTreads have a special line, which is called foameds; we feature rich medical designed slippers that will bring comfort to not only children but also adults and even patients with health concerns and will impact their feet or mobility. We all know that it can be challenging for toddlers to put their shoes on the right foot, therefore it is crucial to assist your child to put their shoes on correctly. This can be done by marking a big dot on the inside left of their right shoe and right of their left shoe. It will be easy for them to match the dots.

Shoes, mainly those with hard and inflexible soles can make your child’s walking difficult. Toddlers don’t need shoes until they have walked for a couple of months. Have your toddler shoes professionally fitted; this should involve measuring each foot for width and length. Children’s feet grow very fast and the size might need to be updated every few months. If shoes are too tight, they can obstruct your child’s walking and cause problems such as bunions and ingrown toenails.

Good shoes for your toddlers should include features such as;

  • Rounded toe
  • Heel supporter
  • A firm, comfortable fit in both width and length
  • A flat and flexible sole

Don’t we all love shopping? It even sounds better when we say “shoe shopping” but it can become a different story when one needs to buy footwear for a toddler. In most cases, you will be pressed to get your child to try on a new pair without wiggling out of your lap or having to kick and throw tantrums. Even though you can get them on without a fuss, taking them off can be tricky.

It is important to monitor the fit. If your child has been happily wearing their shoes for months and then suddenly they start taking off the shoes and rubbing their feet, this is a sign that they need to get a new pair. Opt for the best fit for your child, opt for Foamtreads.